Ahmed Elmohamady Criticizes Hull City

Ahmed Elmohamady can’t find any similarity between the Hull City he had left one and half months back and the Hull City he has come back to

The 29-year old reckons that the team seems to have been completely transformed, not only in terms of the new faces being roped in, but, also in terms of the mood inside the locker room. It’s much more positive now.

As per Elmohamady, after re-joining, he has felt that there is a spring in the step of the players and their confidence level has gone one notch up and the new coach will have to take the credit for that because he has inserted fresh energy into the group.

It was still Mike Phelan at helm when Elmohamady took the flight from UK to serve his nation in the inter-continental tournament in Arica, but, as he flew, the complexion changed at the Yorkshire club and Phelan was sent on his way out. Continue reading Ahmed Elmohamady Criticizes Hull City

Gary McAllister Backs Jurgen Klopp to Turn around Liverpool’s Poor Form

Liverpool ambassador Gary McAllister says that manager Jurgen Klopp will find a way to turn around the results at the club.

He also says that the club have no doubts about the manager, as he is proven at the top level. Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers midway through last season and immediately lead the club to 2 finals. Even though they lost in the EFL Cup and Europa League finals to Manchester City and Sevilla respectively, it was seen as a positive into the season. They picked up where they left off in the 2016-17 campaign after remaining in contention for the title with Chelsea up until January.

Since the turn of the year, though, results have dropped drastically with the club still waiting for their first league win in 2017. More importantly, a string of losses including defeats against relegation threatened Hull City and Swansea have left the club an incredible 14 points behind Chelsea. Continue reading Gary McAllister Backs Jurgen Klopp to Turn around Liverpool’s Poor Form


German coach Jurgen Klinsmann has revealed that he remains very proud of his achievements in American soccer.

The German coach spoke at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America in Los Angeles recently despite agreeing to it before he was sacked from his job as manager of the men’s senior team.

Klinsmann supervised the losses in the first two World Cup qualifiers hence his sack but insists that he is happy to have developed American football.

“The results will tell in the future if it helped Bruce [current US team coach] to achieve the goals that are set. But I think whenever you have the chance to put your stamp on a programme, you do it with everything you have, and that’s what I tried to do,” he said.

He claimed that he and his team “achieved a lot within the system of US soccer, connecting a lot of dots – even though there are so many out there that are disconnected.” Continue reading KLINSMANN PROUD OF US ACHIEVEMENTS

Tony Pulis Confirms West Brom’s Offer for Morgan Schneiderlin

West Brom manager Tony Pulis has confirmed that the club has made an offer for Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin, who has featured in only 11 minutes of league football this season.

Schneiderlin was a £ 25 million acquisition for United in the summer of 2015. He was seen as one of the players who would be able to transform Louis van Gaal’s tactics. After featuring in most of the games under Van Gaal, Schneiderlin was suddenly relegated to the fringes of first-team upon the arrival of Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese did not see Schneiderlin as an integral part of the team.

From the first week after Mourinho’s arrival, Schneiderlin has been linked with a move away from the club. Of late, there has been tremendous interest from Premier League clubs, as they would be getting a player who has a lot of knowledge about English football. Continue reading Tony Pulis Confirms West Brom’s Offer for Morgan Schneiderlin


Manchester United admittedly has not been as impressive but they have a reason to cheer up as the year ends.

Of recent, Jose Mourinho’s men have started playing attacking football that is interesting to watch. Watching game at Old Trafford is a delight after a few bumps on the way.

With expensive additions like former Real Madrid winger Angel Di Maria flopping at Old Trafford and ex La Liga and Ligue 1 star Radamel Falcao not getting the goals, additions by the Portuguese manager have been decent. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been getting the goals, Paul Pogba has been decent, Armenian forward Henrikl Mkhitaryan seem to be finding his rhythm and Eric Baily has been trying for the team.

Marounane Felliani was the top choice over veteran Michael Carrick but Carrick seem to combine well now with Pogba. Ander Herrara has been impressive thus far. The Spain international started the first game but had to wait six games before getting called into action again. His display have been satisfying by many standards under Mourinho. Continue reading MAN UNITED SET TO END THE YEAR WELL


The NSPCC has reported that they have received more than 50 calls within two hours after a hotline was set-up for sex abuse issues by coaches.

The hotline was set-up after four former footballers opened up about being sexually abused by coaches as children.

Paul Stewart, Steve Walters, Andy Woodward and David White spoke about sexual abuse as children in the past, and many more are expected to come forward. The Football Association is reportedly set to meet with Woodward to discuss the allegations, which could have a considerable impact on coaching, and football as a whole. The Shadow sports minister Dr Rosena Allin-Khan has already warned that the scandal could have far-reaching consequences on football in the UK.

All four ex-footballers waved their rights to anonymity in coming out to speak on the abuses. Sports minister Tracey Crouch commended them, saying they showed “incredible bravery” speaking about the abuses.

Forty-three year old former Crewe player Woodward went public about the abuse he suffered as a child in the hands of former Crewe coach and youth football scout Barry Bennell. Bennell has been convicted for sex offences against children for nine years in 1998, but Cheshire Police say 11 people have also come out to reveal sexual abuse as children. Another Crewe player, Walters reveals that Bennell also abused him.

White, who used to play for Manchester City and England, also joined the list accusing Bennell of sexual abuse. The 49-year old man said Bennell abused him between 1979 and 1980 when he was with Whitehill FC junior team.

Stewart, 52 – a former Three Lions player – said a coach, whom he refused to name, abused him everyday for for years before he turned 15. The ex-player was with Blackpool, Manchester City and Liverpool before retiring.


A former football manager Chris Todd has quit professional football for teaching, according to reports from the BBC.

The Welshman is reported to have played over 300 professional football games, and has supervised a team that played in the FA Cup third round. Yet, he decided to quite professional football management for teaching.

Todd, 35, admitted that his students were surprised at his career switch, particularly for someone with so much potential as a manager.

Todd said, “The students all ask me the same thing – why?”

Todd used to manage a side in the National League, Eastleigh. However, he was fired after only four games this term as two ended in losses. That was three months ago.

“It’s a bit of security,” Todd revealed as the reason behind switching to teaching football at a further education centre even at a young age.

“The game in general is starting to change drastically regarding managers; it’s becoming cut-throat at times. Results are everything and there’s no time to bed a manager in and let him grow, it has to be instant success,” he added.

For a player that featured in seven different clubs, playing up to the third tier in English football, he has a bit of experience as a player. He took a brief break when he was diagnosed with chronic leukaemia in 2008. He soon continued until he eventually moved to management. He was in charge of Torquay United, helping them win promotion to the Football League in 2009. He was appointed as a manager at Eastleigh before his eventual ousting.

“The opportunity came about and it attracted me. Getting back on the training ground again, it’s a different adventure for me,” Todd said of his new job. He confessed that he could not afford not working full-time.
“You don’t earn enough money in the lower levels to be able to retire once you finish at 35, that’s a fact.”

Wenger happy with his team

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said that he is happy with the way his team is playing at the moment.

He stated that he always believed in the team even when they were facing severe critics. He believes that his players have enough qualities to challenge for the title and that they need to believe in themselves.

The Arsenal manager said that he still have players such as Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck to come back in the team and that this will make the team become even better. He said that there is a good team spirit in the club at the moment and that each player is focused on the club’s objective.

He stated that the club aim this season is to win the Premier League and that he will make everything he can in order to achieve it. He admitted that it would be difficult as the league is quite competitive this season and that all the big clubs have strengthened during the transfer window. Continue reading Wenger happy with his team

Gao Hong Bo says his players have had so much of workload

Gao Hong Bo says his players have had so much of workload in domestic Football in the on-going season that everyone is tired.

As per Hong Bo, in China , to go from one city to the other, long distances have to covered because China is huge not only from the population point of view, but, also in terms of land and spending long time flying after playing matches is really tiresome for the players.

The former striker of Team Dragon said, “In other countries, the cities are nearby and the journey time for the players is not much, but, those playing here have to travel a lot. So, apart from the no. of matches, that’s another factor because you lose a lot of energy when you are on the plane for long durations.”

“Whenever the players come in the middle of the season, I always find them worn out and it’s no different on this occasion. I can’t see anyone in good shape to be honest and that’s why this match and the match next month, both are tough.” Continue reading Gao Hong Bo says his players have had so much of workload