Ahmed Elmohamady Criticizes Hull City

Ahmed Elmohamady can’t find any similarity between the Hull City he had left one and half months back and the Hull City he has come back to

The 29-year old reckons that the team seems to have been completely transformed, not only in terms of the new faces being roped in, but, also in terms of the mood inside the locker room. It’s much more positive now.

As per Elmohamady, after re-joining, he has felt that there is a spring in the step of the players and their confidence level has gone one notch up and the new coach will have to take the credit for that because he has inserted fresh energy into the group.

It was still Mike Phelan at helm when Elmohamady took the flight from UK to serve his nation in the inter-continental tournament in Arica, but, as he flew, the complexion changed at the Yorkshire club and Phelan was sent on his way out.

On a short notice, Silva joined in and the work that he put in during Elmohamady’s absence, the Egypt international has been left highly impressed by it. In his words, “It almost feels as if it is not the same team I was a part of some time back.”

“When I see around the squad now, I don’t find anyone under any sort of stress or pressure and that’s the key to the success of any team, to have a lot of positive vibes and a lot of smiling faces. So, that’s what Marco has done and I like his formations as well.”

“Our position is surely stronger in comparison to what it was three or four weeks back and we have a lot of belief among us as a group now.”