Cesc Fabregas game Impresses many Ex-Footballer

Cesc Fabregas is earning a lot of accolades from the ex-Footballers for the beauty of a show that he put on at the Merseyside the other day in the very little time that he spent on the field.

Conte went into the game with two playmakers and Fabregas was not one of them as has been the case so often this season. The Spaniard was amongst the benchers and didn’t get a look in for the first 81 minutes of the game.

But when he eventually got a look in after that, he absolutely ruled the field and made sure that everybody’s eyes remained on him till the end as he helped the Blues stretch their lead to three-nil with one of the gorgeous crosses one can ever hope to see.

Phil Neville, the former member of the England national squad, reckons what makes Fabregas a fantastic playmaker is his imagination. He foresees players getting into certain positions and plans his passes accordingly. He also seems to have a 360 degree vision as he is always aware of who is around him and at what distance.

Thierry Henry, the France legend, is also of the view that it was an extraordinary effort from Fabregas to set the goal up like that and it shows that he is in top form at the moment.

Of course it wasn’t a match winning goal. The match was in the pocket of Chelsea already even before Fabregas arrived and pulled off that piece of brilliance, but, what that third goal did was it stamped Chelsea’s authority on the game completely.

Not to forget that it was Everton at Everton and Everton at Everton has been a tough nut to crack for the visiting teams in the recent past. To topple them as vehemently as that at their home, it was a strong statement from Chelsea to their remaining opponents in the Premiership.