Caballero praises Guardiola for the knowledge

Caballero praises Guardiola for the knowledge


Former Manchester City goalkeeper Willy Caballero has said that training under Guardiola is like going to university. He was under the training of Guardiolabefore he was transferred to Chelsea.

Caballero says Guardiola is a great teacher. During his one year stay at the club, he has seen how he approaches everyone and how things are explained to him. He has learned new information from him every day.

“On the playing field, watching videos or at any time, when he approaches you and explains things to you. He has no problem teaching someone at 34 years old, as I was, like someone who is 18. He is a great teacher,” said the former City goalkeeper.

In 2014 he was transferred to Manchester City and it was Manuel Pellegrini who convinced him to join City. Even though he was having a good time at Malaga, he chose City, where he was offered a place in the cups but not in the league. Andin the league, it was Joe Hart who is the England national team goalkeeper. He has only made 23 appearances in Premier League but he is most remembered for the three penalties save in the League final against Liverpool.

During the match, Hart was under a lot of pressure but Pellegrini followed his word and City won the match in the penalty shootout. He is now at Chelsea and his contract has been renewed another year. He is happy to have another year Chelsea at the age of 38.

He also said how he always looked back on his journey as he had worked hard to be where he is. He remembers at the beginning of his club career in Boca as well as in his international career, he believed he was on the top. But he was turned down again which he made him start from the beginning. He was pushed back to the second division in Spain and these all make him value what he has achieved today.