25 thoughts on “U-15 Player Scores Incredible Goal

  1. wow! people at espn get so excited over nothing. kids bike all the time in youth soccer and this kid just got lucky his went in. besides , he was never planning to do that. his first touch was just bad. the people at espn are idiots who pretend to know about soccer

  2. Football (or soccer as you call it) is the biggest sport in the world. Get over it. Just because Americans don’t care about it, doesn’t mean noone cares about it. You care about baseball, noone in the rest of the damn world cares about it.

  3. Hahahaha, ah man you’re too funny, and that must be a gift because Germans are usually fucking sad sacks of shit (you know, the war and all that). Thanks for taking the time out of your lavish, hoe-banging lifestyle to talk to me – you’ve brightened up my day!

  4. I am. A rich, intelligent, hoe-bangin, conceited douchebag. Why u even answer that stupid comment if u got a brain? Loser.

  5. Way to put your point across champ, that was an airtight argument.
    EDIT: Sarcasm, and you sound like a conceited douchebag.

  6. Every War America has fought? So when you guys bailed out of ‘Nam, after gaining sweet fuck all, that was a victory? Thanks for the clarification!

  7. Great, you call it football, congrats. Do you want a medal? and honestly does the name really matter that much? You come off as an ethnocentric asshole. 

  8. I’m sorry Professor i don’t learn shit about your country As for the modern football, where we still playing it , it was founded in 1863 , yes you’re right. “a football”, in the sense of a ball rather than a game, was first mentioned in 1486.Now genius,tell me the World Cup your country joined is hosted by FIFA.I’ll tell you what FIFA stands for.Federation of International Football Associations.Does it says FISA? Federation of International Soccer Associations? No . Football > Soccer

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