17 thoughts on “SOCCER AMAZING

  1. piss funny video, didnt realise you we re taking the piss until the penalties.

    i take it youre getting at the fact that theres so many utter nob ends who think there good at footall with videos on youtube.

  2. obviously you dont know soccer man
    if you think its all about tricks and bullshit then your wrong

    FYI they werent all fake nutmegs

  3. ahhh well in that case i apologise mate
    jst try come play in england tis such a different level
    ive played for nottingham forrest and its completely different to most leagues
    looks like your good enough
    bt yeh apologies
    rush of blood to the head haha

  4. hahaha
    i think your an idiot cuz we are not americans
    if u read our name its EGYROCCO
    and no u fuckin dumbass because there is also center mid

  5. hahahaha, i think watchin americans tryin to play footie is well funi haha
    esspecially when u argue
    mate the wings count as midfield 😉 jst to let you know haha

  6. lolz mate. those megs looked fake as. but if they were real gud on ya. hahah im fake am i rofl aight man im not one of those people who put vids on youtube about me doing tricks i save it all for the feild. thats where its most important… who do u play for??

  7. hah and that basketball shot with the knee is fake rofl. its stops then starts again when he shoots it normally lolz obvious much 😛

  8. bahahaha. all those nutties are all so fake.
    its so funny to watch thoe.
    thanks for the amusment.
    besides that nice

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