25 thoughts on “Amazing soccer kid, Christian Ceballos

  1. Can somebody tell me what Ronaldinho sais to the little boy at the end of the boy… he look like advising him…. Can please somebody translate for me..??

  2. not saying hes bad or anything, hes good, but juggling tricks and freestyle stuff doest make u him amazgin

  3. yeah but juggle is a part of soccer just like one-on-ones are. You should try to be great at both skills. For example, for me Messi is a great player, but Ronaldinho, though he just played at his top level for a couple of years, is the best player in history. he reached a level of juggling and drivling skills that no one has reached yet. But this is just my opinion.

  4. Just because you can juggle doesn’t make u a great footballer. I can’t juggle for crap but can kill people older then me on one-on-ones.

  5. He sure is talented, and oh my gosh is he ever gorgeous! Looks so cute wearing his uniform soccer shorts. He must be a total heartbreaker for all the girls at his school, lol

  6. i can name a lot villa, torres, raul, sergio ramos, cassillas, fabregas, xavi, alonso, iniesta and silva why do you thiink there number 1 in the world dumb ass think twice before saying that grjohnniewalker7

  7. when i was at this kids age i could juggle the ball like this too but this didnt make me a great player.After all we are talking about spain.Spain sucks.Always sucked.And always will.Never had a good player.

  8. What’s funny is most people cant do this with their hands… This is a nice vid though Ronaldinho needs to worry about the world cup

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