16 thoughts on “Kofi Soccer – Amazing

  1. these teams look like they are from the school of the blind hes just a skinny african who didnt play a minute at wake forest and transfered

  2. lol jackpisom you are solidly retarded
    please hop the fuck off the boarding school dick. just because he went to a small school oesnt mean he couldnt cut it at the bigger ones. the fact that he played region i odp and for beacheside and got recruited by wake forest should you everything you need to know. i doubt these are “c league” defenders in the video. hes wearing beachside unis in the vid so that means these are either region I prem league games or CT state cup games

  3. Yeah “thenextdavidvilla”, he’d break my ankles? Maybe his skills are sick, but last time I checked his stats on Wake forests’ website, he didn’t play for shit. Come and play us, Kent, in the founder’s league and see how you do, you babyback bitch

  4. look the kid up under marcos lopes rony. hes 14 years old, and he was playing on my benfica juvenis team… which would be u17 here in the USA , and we were portuguese national champions

  5. Put this kid in the Founder’s league in CT and then see how he does. These defenders look and defend like middle school. He’s skilled but he plays in the C league

  6. he’s good, but when we played him this year and last, it’s easy to see that he can be really selfish with the ball. We had our defensive center mid man mark him, and with constant pressure, he’s prone to making a good amount of mistakes. In the open field, though, he is just ridiculous.

  7. lol we played st lukes earlier this year and this kid scored like 3 times and just tore us up…hes amazing

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