24 thoughts on “Funny Football

  1. i read your comment, thought, “funny would be such a lame comment, and then almost typed: Thumbs up if you typed funny in the search bar! Then i said, “wait a minute….”

  2. Look Up “Pale Kid Jerks Off Doing freestyle” or go to my channel. Kid jerks off while rappping. Funny crap yo!!!!

  3. watching this makes me laugh, but it must be painful to collect all those footage and compile and create something like this. cheers for your editing. I think football/scoccer should have timeouts when a coach knows he is simply ignoring it or has been paid to let the other team win ? well, that would slow down the game. the beauty of soccer does not lie in a bunches or retarded refs, but great players who never look at how much time is left. give them last 30 seconds and u r a goally, ops ulost

  4. you will die in seven days if u dont post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if u do, tomorrow will be the best day of ur life

  5. OMG! click on ym channel NOW! i’ve started prank calling with accents, and about random funny shit! MUST WATCH! MUST SUBSCRIBE!

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