Jay Heaps became the coach of the MLS club New England Revolution on November of 2011 and so far he has managed to push the team to 2 playoffs in 3 seasons as well as also managing of making a run to the 2014 MLS Cup.

Jay Heaps

Prior on having become the manager of the MLS team, Jay Heaps had already performed with the team as he used to be a player and managed to make 294 appearances for the American club. His playing career with the team initiated in 2001 and ever since then he has turned into a member of the coaching staff and Jay Heaps has not shown any signs of wanting to leave the club that he joined over 10 years as he penned a contract extension which extends until 2017.

Heaps is going through his 4th season as the coach of New England Revolution and the General manager of the American club Mike Burns revealed that he knew it was a risk assigning Jay Heaps as the coach of New England Revolution as the former player of the team did not have much experience as a full on head coach but Heaps has been doing a good job as he has passion and brings it into his team.

The general manager of New England Revolution Mike Burns praised the work that Jay Heaps, he told a site that focusses on the best football tips and rumours “I’ve said this before with Jay, we knew the shortcomings in terms of no coaching experience. But, we also knew what we thought he was going to bring, and he’s brought all that. He’s brought the passion, the desire, the hard work and he wants to be a coach, he wants to continue to be a better coach each season and I think that’s been the case.”

From the looks of it, the executives and staff members of New England Revolution have been satisfied by the work of Jay Heaps as he recently signed a contract extension until 2017 and his contract could be extended even further depending on how the team performs and what results they achieve.