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25 thoughts on “Volkswagen Commercial – Soccer (funny)

  1. Sorry VW , your ads are usually brilliant but this one makes no sense , unless you know nothing about Association Football!

  2. who the HELL made thought of this commercial?! Not a german >.< And DUH! These guys aren't german ball wizards because, OBVIOUSLY, they aren't german! 😉

  3. in the american football players use their hands to control the ball and not their foot. how the hell is it called FOOTball?

  4. yeah i think so too, just didnt want to claim it being so without being sure 🙂

  5. actually i think tht’s pretty much all over the world, every1 calls football (ie. american soccer”) football except americans 🙂

  6. nooo – in europe – football is soccer and american football is football 🙂

  7. i like i like….

    but not all engineers are that lack in sporting reflexes….dan stereotypes… 😛

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