25 thoughts on “the longest goal ever in soccer history

  1. Wasn’t the keeper’s fault. If the forward took the ball under control the keeper would had been in the perfect position. Blame the defenders for not challenging the ball when it dropped.

  2. Thomas Edison said the fastest thing on the planet is light, he should hav seen me press the mute button

  3. yeah….lets listen to a guy that puts exclamation points after spaces and has a name of dgeeakascoochie lololol

  4. I think soccer is same as football in america, im a asian too but looks like discrimination runs here,

  5. petr1cech1 Shut ur fucking mouth wat ever u are ill call u mexican bitch i wouldnt be talking if it wasent for us this whole world wouldve been britian and 3/4 of wat u said didnt make any sense and go cut ur lawn or somethin

  6. where you learn that….,???noob…offside comes when someone in offside position touched the ball…..,one more thing….,not soccer…its football…you american are suck…..,invented the game for pussy…..,like baseball…..,noob….,ask 7 billion people on this planet….arent they know baseball???….ask again werent they know football….retard….the most popular sport in this planet….,NOT SOCCER…..,thats why you lose to vietnam…..us english suck…..

  7. dude what’s wrong with this game name is football not futball or whatever. football us should not be named football coz you you use the feet for what (punt, field goal, onside kick) the rest of the time you play with your hand.

  8. Foot kicks ball hence ‘football’, you girls even need padding to play bloody rugby. 🙂 It’s only a feckin’ game, far more shit going on in the world to be worried about!

  9. its funny how people get so upset over the fucking name of the sport in a video like this. its seriously ironic as even the fucking title says soccer u fucking faggots

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