25 thoughts on “Mega Drive’s European Club Soccer – Funny Glitch

  1. and there was the cheat when you typed in the code three shredded wheat so you got suer fast shots

  2. got this game for 1€ from ebay today but i’ve never heard of it before.not like fifa 95/96 wich i loved but is has something to it. i like the animations and the easy to get gameplay.

  3. There were other things, like how to put curve on blasted shots and even free kicks (press B or C to kick then immediately hold it again plus the direction to curve)

    And you could score corners by putting the marker on the goalline and the keeper dragged it in himself. Yeah I owned this game inside out, but I still turned out to be a pretty well-balanced guy I suppose hehe

  4. then when you beat the game you play as special match against either River Plate or Boca Juniors, two teams you can’t play as yourself

  5. I played this game absolutely inside out when I was maybe 8-12. I drew up tables and played as Rangers against every other team, 2 legs, and wrote down the score for each match in a big book. I did all these experiments too; Rangers vs Celtic, full 90 minute match, just to see what happens when you score more than 99 goals. The score turns to two asterisks **. Also like playing 2 player, against myself, getting as many red cards as possible for celtic. After like 5 or 6 you can’t get any more

  6. Great game. It was easier on the hardest difficulty. You needed to press “C” to take the ball and doing so you usually turned an interception into an assist. Long ball from the middle circle, dribbling the goal from the wings, 40 meters shot…were all simple ways to score.

  7. the cheat was to type in
    by typing this in you could strike the ball with tremendous pace usually with it ending up in the back of the oppositions net.

  8. the cheat was to type in
    by typing this in you could strike the ball with tremendous pace usually with it ending up in the back of the oppositions net.

  9. Lol, the way the player changes is annoying when 2 players are near each other one starts running then it swap to the other and so on :O
    and i never understood how the computer can do such passing game. Or big shots too lol

  10. Haha, I was going to mention that one. Used to destroy teams by shooting from the halfway line.

  11. I borrowed this game from my local video store when i was about 13 years old. A mate and I played it relentlessly all day but we were both so crap neither of us managed to score for hours. Then, finally, losing about 13-0 to FIorentina or someone, my striker executed a well timed sliding tackle into the opposition box just in time to meet a cross and poked it pust the keeper. We went wild. And never scored again. THe next day I hired FIFA and never looked back. GOod game though.

  12. This game was the first to have European clubs teams, more than a 100.
    It was released in 1991, by Virgin.
    It is an exact replica of the European Champions Cup, only one team of the country (FC Porto, Portugal)can play in this competition.
    Good old times.
    FC Porto 1987,2004 European Champions.
    World Champions, FCP4EVER.

  13. tell u what atleast they have linsesman and a ref on the pitch, u dont see it on the newer games! lol

  14. Hamish Hegarty rings a bell too, lmfao. Better than Sensi Soccer’s Raan Goggs or Iric Centona, lol.

  15. Because Virgin/Krysalis Software were based in Rotherham at the time. Either that or the writer was a Millers fan, lol.

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