17 thoughts on “JPA – Walking on air – Freestyle Football

  1. Your weak foot REALLY needs work! I suggest you spend 30 mins each training trying to do as many weak tatws as possible in a combo along with things like atw htw atw as many times as possible and atw htw hatw as many times as possible. You’ll thank me for it in the future! Also, it is very obvious to me that the cross latw nt was ground, I know you know it was too. However, I actually liked this video a lot! Your nt style is smooth as hell and your htws look real nice! Keep training hard.

  2. Thanks for the comment man, its great to have some advice from someone like you, ill work on what you said.

  3. your lowers have improved and you have clearly learnt how to train efficiently…the style on your htw’s and amatw’s looks nice, same with atw’s…but you really need to learn some basics with your weak foot and get better comboing so you can remove those co’s, and u need to work on your latw/alatw stuff which is often a little wiggly and not clean…as for co latw nt, it looked a bit ground and it definitely wasn’t around the ball anyhow.

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  5. Sickkk!! I agree when doing some crazy ass combo, then you had a cross, it slows down the combo, but it was sick! 4 matws nt!

  6. Last combo :O
    Loved the almatw combo amatw-matw-matw nt combo amatw-matw nt also.
    One thing I didn’t like was the crossovers in the your combos, they honestly wreck them in my opinion.. You’re combos are hardcore then you use crossover and that just puts down the value of the combos.. But honestly.. You’ve improved loads! Great video.

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