The French attacker of the New York Red Bulls, Thierry Henry announced his desire to quit playing with the MLS side as he left the American side after playing for them for over 4 years.

The future of Thierry Henry still remains unsure as he was asked on what he wants to do from now on and the former star of Arsenal replied by saying that he is going to take the next few weeks as a time to reflect and think about what his next plans are going to be.

“I am taking this opportunity to announce that unfortunately Saturday was my last game for the New York Red Bulls. I will now take the next few weeks to reflect and decide on the next chapter of my career. I will stay in football, as a coach, a consultant or executive. We will see’’ Thierry Henry said as the Frenchman stated that he would like to continue playing an active role in the world of football even if that is outside of the pitch.

Thierry Henry is an icon for Arsenal as it was the club where he managed on making a name for himself as one of the best players in the world with consistently impressive performances it came as no surprise when he was nominated on a number of occasions for the FIFA World Player of the Year award.

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger stated that Henry will return to Arsenal but the French manager is not certain as to what role he is going to play if he does decide to make yet another return to the club where he became a world-class player.

‘’Certainly one day he will come back here. In what role, I don’t know. That is what he has to think about, what direction he wants to go in. What I understand is that he wants to reflect for a while on how he wants to go into his next life. He is an Arsenal man. It was the best moment certainly of his life and of his career has been experienced here’’ Arsene Wenger said.