Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho believes that his star Eden Hazard has not deserved the praise from various quarters for his exploits this campaign. The Belgian star has been the best player for Chelsea this campaign, but he is yet to land any awards. He has not even won the player of the month award, which was recently awarded to Sunderland’s Adam Johnson. Hazard scored a hat-trick in the 3-0 win over Newcastle – a result that sent Chelsea to the top of the table.

This extraordinary performance now means that the 23-year-old has scored 12 goals this campaign, which is the figure he took the whole of last season to attain. He also has five assists to his name. After the match, Mourinho has said that he has not been doing much different throughout the season, but it is only that his performances have not been getting the right attention. His performances in the last few weeks have certainly not gone unnoticed, as the former Lille player has been spoken of as a possible candidate to win the PFA awards this campaign.

“Eden Hazard is this player, a player for some reason he didn’t get one single player of the month in this Premier League. And this performance today was just different than other performances because today he scored three goals. But he had other performances exactly the same as he did today, so it is quite surprising for me that such a young player with what he is showing this season is never player of the month,” Mourinho told the <a href=’http://www.anfieldroar.com’>liverpool fan</a> website.

He is competing with the likes of Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero for this title. Chelsea came into the Newcastle match knowing that they could potentially go top of the table after Arsenal’s loss against Liverpool earlier in the day.