3 thoughts on “Bend It Like Yackham EXTRA TIME – Harry’s favourite ball ever and FIFA intros [w/Lawnboyspost1979]

  1. Ah, so this is where you’ve been hiding. 😛
    Good stuff, Yackham and Dave! I agree with Dave’s choice of intro. Granted
    I haven’t played *that* many FIFA games but it’s definitely my favourite of
    the ones I have played. 🙂
    I actually remember watching the intro video again as a result of Dave
    favouriting it a few months ago, the nostalgia buzz was amazing! 😀
    I liked World Cup 2010 as well but it was the first FIFA game I’d bought
    since 2006. 😛 I liked Wavin’ Flag, though I’d still say Tubthumping is
    probably my favourite football anthem.
    Yes, England still haven’t learnt to play football properly all these years
    on. I don’t even watch them anymore, got sick of being bored rigid by their
    playing 9 times out of 10. :(

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