25 thoughts on “Landon Donovan: U.S. Men’s National Team Legend

  1. I don’t get why people hate on Donovan even though they know he is still a
    legend. Also if Cristiano or Messi were from USA would you still hate on

  2. He’s the reason i began playing football. I loved watching it (i started
    watching it in 1997 when i was 5) but never got around to playing it until,
    2002 when i saw us beat portugal. When i heard the name Landon Donovan, i
    got curious and decided to look him up. I do not regret that decision one
    bit, because i recall saying “this is who i wanna be.” Since that day, i
    have continued to play. 

  3. Europeans are bastards. Seriously? Your judging someone because they’re
    from America, may I ask why your on this video? If you were a real fun of
    this sport you wouldn’t care if it’s called football or soccer. The British
    called it soccer first so you can’t blame us Americans! You don’t control
    what other countries call it. We call it soccer and deal with that.

  4. what an endearing tribute video of Landon Donovan! Soccer and MLS is the
    only sport and league I follow and it is so hard to find friends and family
    to have that same passion, but when I meet that person with the same
    interest it is such a genuine find. So when I say my heartbreaks it truly
    feels like a break up from a relationship, because you are parting ways
    with someone you have followed and loved for many years. He has also helped
    me built new lasting friendships so it just shows how much Donovan is an
    iconic figure whom has helped grow this sport in America. To me and my
    soccer friends we have gotten front row seats to see the growth and change
    he has done to this country. Friday’s farewell game I will be watching with
    a heavy heart so with that I say ‪#‎ThanksLD‬.

  5. I don’t know why people can’t understand why Landon Donovan is a legend.
    Landon Donovan is the best in USMT history because of how much he helped
    soccer gain popularity in the United States. He also holds almost ever
    record for USMT and MLS.

  6. Klinsman’s dismissal of Donovan in the 2014 World Cup will go down as one
    of the worst decisions in the history of US Soccer. Donovan literally
    inspired and changed the entire attitude in America in regards to soccer.
    We’ll miss you Donovan. 

  7. I really want to know the name and for what channel this commenter work. In
    6:00 he has poetic words and sounds nice. I have heard him in others
    highlight. For me he is the best in english market as an announcer.

  8. Thumbs down. Little Debbie/Landycakes/Primadonovan is a talented player, no
    doubt. Never challenged himself, gave up on the USMNT and his club in 2013
    and is flawed in general, just like the rest of us. Jump off the hype
    machine, people. Scoring against CONCACAF and from the penalty spot is a
    lot different than scoring against world powers…see Dempsey for that…
    or Brian McBride. I will thumbs down these worship videos because the USMNT
    is about the USA, not him or any other single person.

  9. Donovan is the one of the main reasons why this country is starting to like
    futbol. he helped us open are eyes to this game and showed us how beautiful
    this game is.. he made us believe that we could play a sport and win even
    when nobody believes in us. I’m going to miss you Landon! really were an
    inspiration to me when i played. Thank you!

  10. okay seriously WTF why are you euro idiots commenting on this if all your
    going to do is hate just leave no one likes u assholes (Tony) just because
    you don’t make it in europe does not mean you can make it anywhere else and
    still be great in international and u can beat a european team. In ANY
    sport it is shown even the best team in the world can be beaten like
    germany destroying brazil 5-1 in the wc upsets can happen no matter the
    style no matter how fucking superior you think u are because your not no
    one’s style of play really even matters how u play it u can be fucking god
    and still loose there are plenty of teams in the us especially in American
    football that no matter the quality of the players u can be beaten in
    anyway shape or form its fact even in european soccer/football huge clubs
    have been beaten by mediocre clubs because they were the better players

  11. Thanks for the memories Sir Donovan.

    So bummed your last game won’t be shown in Switzerland. It just ain’t

  12. Landon is a good example for younger generations, a man who never got into
    any legal trouble, and always played his best for his national squad. I do
    not know why he didn’t go to the world cup, for he could have lifted the
    atmosphere and intensity in the locker room, and could have sparked the
    magic that team usa was lacking very much of. 

  13. landon donovan is the best football player in the USA? well of COURSE!!
    americans didnt even know what football-soccer was 20 years ago, thats why
    they dont have anyone else!!! ahah i remeber boooooooing this donovan
    character and shouting “eehhhhh putoooooo” when he kicked the ball… i
    could die in peace now

  14. Because of the hype, it took a long time for me to warm up to him, but I
    sure will miss him now. Thanks for the run Landon.

  15. Good player but Clint Dempsey is the best American soccer player ever.
    Proved it in the worlds best league for years.

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